Don’t panic if you’ve been assigned to write a research essay. Although essay writing isn’t the simplest of tasks, you can learn more about the essay to reduce some of the fears that you have over writing the paper. The information below is provided to you courtesy of and helps you learn the dos and the don’ts of writing a research paper that rocks.

Choose the Topic

If you are given free rein to choose the topic, pick something that interests you. Writing about a topic that is of interest is far easier than writing material that you couldn’t care less about writing. It also makes research easier and more fun when it is a topic that you enjoy.

Gather the Research

Researching the topic you’ve selected (or that the teacher has provided to you) is the biggest portion of the essay writing process. Ensure that you find credible sources to relabel information to use in your essay and be prepared to cite all sources used.

Create an Outline

Creating an outline before any writing begins is necessary to reduce errors, confusion, and other hassles that could lead you in the wrong direction as you write the material. Creating an outline is fairly simple, and is easy to change should you decide to go in an alternate direction.

Write Your Thesis

The thesis is the overall statement of the essay. Some people choose to write their thesis after they’ve written the essay. This might be of interest to you as well. As long as the thesis is written and provides a thorough, thought-out description, you are on your way to a good grade.

Write a Draft

Your first essay writing is a simple draft that you will go back and edit, add information to and omit details from. The draft gives you an idea of what you want your essay to read like, but also provides chances for you to correct anything that you don’t like.

Revise the Draft

The final portion of writing a research essay is writing the final draft and revising the first efforts. You can make simple changes to the essay to ensure that it is property written in the style of your choosing. Be sure to look over the final copy of the essay to ensure there are no errors that you need to correct. Look to ensure that you have cited all the sources used in research of the topic as well.

If you need essay writing help, professionals are there to guide you every step of the way and can even write the essay for you if you’d like. Securing a well-written essay that earns the grade you want is as simple as following the research essay writing outline above. It doesn’t matter if you are in high school or if you are entering college, you can benefit when you know the right way to write your research essay.